The Work of a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

When it comes to carpet cleaning, most people feel like they have a pretty good handle on things. You run the vacuum cleaner over it once a week or so, you spot clean any spills with Fabreeze or some other cleaning solution, and otherwise, you call it a day. They may be aware that a professional carpet cleaner uses fancy chemicals and fancy machines, but they can rent a carpet shampoo machine if they need to. So there’s not any reason to hire a professional carpet cleaning company, right?


a carpet cleaning macine on a wooden deck with white chairs and table in the backgoundThe real truth is that a professional carpet cleaning company does more than simply throw carpet shampoo onto a carpet and then run a machine over it. That’s certainly part of the job, but there’re a few more steps that non-professionals may not consider.

First, is having a solid understanding of what kind of chemicals are best to clean what kind of stain. Not all carpet stains are created equal! Some of them become hard and crusty and may be able to be scraped off with a wire brush. Some of them sink into the carpet fabrics and create a stain. Some of them do both, and some of them act in weird, unique ways.

Each type of stain needs a different chemical, which means professional carpet cleaners will often have some different chemicals available at hand. This access to different chemicals makes them a much better investment than trying to clean your carpet on your own. Specialty chemicals tend to cost quite a bit of money, and that’s presuming you can even get those chemicals without buying them from a specialty shop.

Also, professional carpet cleaners will have better equipment. It’s true that many grocery stores will rent out a carpet shampoo machine. But these machines tend to be low quality, basic models. They’re designed to do the very basic job, and not much more.

A professional carpet cleaning company is going to have professional grade equipment. This means that they will have equipment that not only cleans and shampoos but can steam and condition, as well. This can leave your carpet not only clean but look as soft and beautiful as the day it was first installed.

Ultimately, hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is the best choice if you need your carpet cleaned. It saves you time; it saves you money, and it makes your carpet look great.